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  Photography: Keka Álvarez.                                                      Make Up: Conchi Gónzalez.

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  Xtertor Tour Dates


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Xtertor come back.

The spanish band of Hellektro and Terror EBM from year 2006 are back for a full sonic pain. In its relentless hate and evil prowess, the next album "Reborn“ once again proves the exceptional agressive sound of this band.

"Reborn" is a hell, hate and evil captured on disc. Even after than one decade of silence, the aggressive sound that Azrhael F., Dherek S and David X a.k.a. Xtertor produce does not feel in any way abandoned, without strong or without innovation... quite the contrary: the three spanish unleash a force of beats, shouts, atmospheric sound landscapes, brutal psychophony and aggressive dancefloor sounds.

Xtertor = Pure Industrial Evil!

Vinyl CD Edition
An exclusive and special edition (only 150 copies).
Vinyl CD simulating a Vinyl disc.
Plus 50 copies with a Bonus Limited CD.

13 + 2 bonus tracks of full and powered evil and hate on this Xtertor come back disc.
Bonus Ltd CD with 6 exclusive tracks.

Dave   X               Vocals
Dherek S               Drums
Azrhael F              Synths

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